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A further product to protect you from geopathic burdens and electro-magnetic pollution...more

A further product to protect you from geopathic burdens and electro-magnetic pollution

Rayonex Biomedical GmbH has been manufacturing the MINI-Rayonex for over 30 years now. More than a 100,000 units have been produced so far. 

In our experience, there are many other frequency spectra that are able to activate regulations in our organism as the frequency spectrum of sunlight regulates the vitamin D balance, skin pigmentation and the formation of melanin. Guided by the principles of BaPS the fundamental frequency value 12.5 was integrated into the MINI-Rayonex using a dipole antenna system.

Instructions for use: While lying down, just bring the MINI-Rayonex into contact with your body or that of an animal (max. 2 m distance from the body) and make sure the label faces upwards – preferably by night. When carrying the MINI-Rayonex in a bag, the label must point away from the body.

For these devices there are interesting cell biological studies show that by means of such fundamental frequency values the regulation ability of cell structures can be affected very positive. 


Hinweise zur Anwendung: Bitte bringen Sie den Mini-Rayonex einfach flach liegend mit der Beschriftung nach oben zeigend in die Nähe Ihres Körpers oder die des Tieres an (Entfernung max. 2 m zum Körper) – am besten nachts. Sollten Sie den Mini-Rayonex in einer Tasche tragen, sollte die Beschriftung vom Körper weg zeigen.

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